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Bamboo Boosters

Bamboo Boosters

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The Bamboo Booster is our go-to option and we include two of them with each nappy as standard. 

Slim fitting, they provide an ideal mix of size and absorbency, and they’re quick to dry and kind to the planet.

Getting absorbency right can take a little trial and error, so mix and match with the Charcoal Booster or Hemp Booster (both super absorbent), or another Bamboo Booster until you find your perfect combination.


Outer: 80% bamboo, 20% polyester.

Inner: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide.


Wash up to 60 degrees. Remove from nappy and put in the same wash. Line dry when possible, or on a low setting in the tumble dryer, although we don’t recommend tumble drying repeatedly as this can shorten the life-span of the booster.

Increasing Absorbency

Reusable boosters become more absorbent after a couple of washes. Pre-washing isn’t essential but it speeds up the time it takes for the booster to reach maximum absorbency.


Nappy Mini - 30 x 13cm

Nappy - 36 x 14cm

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Easy to use

Reusable boosters - also called inserts - are absorbent pads. Pop up to two in the pocket to soak up the wee. Each nappy comes with two bamboo boosters as standard.

Easy to wash

Remove the reusable boosters from the pocket and put in the machine with the nappy. Wash at 40 to 60 degrees and ideally line dry.

Extra absorbency

All nappies come with two reusable bamboo boosters. For heavy-wetters and nights mix & match with charcoal and hemp boosters which are super thirsty.

Which booster do I need?

Here’s our quick guide to reusable boosters

Nappy know-how

What do I do with the poo?

Good question! Put it in the loo or for tiny baby poo it can go straight in the machine as it's water soluble. You can also use a reusable or disposable liner that sits next to the skin and can make it easier to dispose of the poo.

How do reusable nappies work?

Reusable nappies are like disposables, but get washed and used again instead of put in the bin. They have pads called boosters that absorb the wee, and poppers to adjust the size so they grow with your baby.

How much will I save with reusable nappies?

If you're using premium nappies you'll save around £700 per year.

How many do I need?

You change them as often as you would a disposable. Full-time use is 20 reusable nappies, washing them every two to three days. Five nappies is about one day's worth and you can mix and match with disposables. We ofter a single trial nappy, or a pack of five. Buy them, try them for a month, and either keep them or send back for a full refund.

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