Our nappies have been used on hundreds if not thousands of babies over many years and we are confident that they will provide many years of use. However, if for any reason you find your nappies are faulty, then come back to us for help. We are pleased to offer you a 12 month warranty on our cloth nappies, as long as they have been subject to reasonable use.

The warranty extends to all aspects of the nappy such as fastenings, elastics and PUL.

All we ask is that you look after your nappies, make sure you follow our washing instructions, keep them away from direct heat sources such as radiators and avoid nappy creams except those that are recommended.

If you do experience any problems with your nappies and they are within the 12 month warranty, get in touch with us by emailing us here. Let us know what the issue is, send photos if possible and we will get your nappies back on your baby's bum and working for you again.

Please note that inserts are not covered under the warranty.

Our warranty does not cover:

  • Leaking - this is generally a fitting or absorbency issue and can usually be solved by working through our troubleshooting guide. Or get in touch with us and we will work with you one to one on troubleshooting and get to the bottom of the problem (pardon the pun). 
  • Nappy inserts
  • Nappies bought pre-loved or via BST groups on Facebook
  • Nappies that have been repaired than anyone other than Baba+Boo

We love nothing more than talking about nappies and resolving any issues you may have, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us.