We believe that reusable nappies bring happiness and we're on a mission to share this joy with the world. 

Whether it's finding support in your loneliest moments from the reusable nappy community, the meditative effect of stuffing the boosters into nappies, knowing that one less nappy is going to landfill, or saving a few pounds, the happiness comes in unexpected ways. 

 Nappyness, guaranteed!

We're so confident that reusable nappies will bring you happiness that we have a 30 day trial, with your money back at the end if we're wrong. Try it out on your baby's bottom, and if you love the nappy, keep it. If you don't, send it back for a full refund. You can buy your trial nappy here.


Nappy families

In December 2022 we partnered with a number of local authorities to support foster families and are in the process of giving away 250 reusable nappy kits. The feedback has been wonderful and you can read more about this initiative here and learn about Jenny, our inspiration for doing this here.