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Nappy Know How


Are you still undecided about why you should use cloth nappies? Read on for some more information about why we think you should definitely use reusable nappies. 

Better for your baby 

If you had a choice to wear paper or silk knickers, we'd hazard a guess you'd go for silk. Why not choose that for your gorgeous baby too? Our nappies are not silk but they must feel like that to your baby compared to disposables. Mums who have toddlers who choose their own nappies and always choose cloth nappies. They even have their favourite nappy I wonder what your baby's favourite will be...

Our reusable nappies are made from the softest fabric and are tested to ensure that they have no nasties in them. Unlike disposables. Your baby is much less likely to suffer from nappy rash when using cloth nappies. 


Better for your baby's future 

8 million disposable nappies are thrown away each day in the UK alone. All of those nappies have to go to landfill Each disposable nappy takes 500 years to decompsose. By using cloth nappies, you are not contributing to this huge amount of waste and sending your baby's 4000 nappies to landfill. And remember it is not all or nothing. Just using one cloth nappy a day makes a huge difference.


Better for your bank balance 

Imagine this. Your baby is born and you had to buy all their nappies at once. You have two choices:

Handover £1200 when your baby was born, for all the supply of  disposables you need before they potty train.


Buy 20 reusable nappies for approximately £240, for all the nappies you need before your baby learns to use the potty.  

Which one would you choose if you had to buy up front? We know you don't have to, but it does show you how you can save upwards of £1000 if you choose cloth nappies. It could mean a holiday for you and your little family or extra days out.  


The best one - they look fab! 

Dressing our babies in cute clothing is fun. We love it. Most mums and dads love picking out cool and funky outfits for their little ones. Using Baba+Boo nappies makes choosing nappies part of the outfit too. We have colours and prints to match all outfits and we even have fully co-ordinating baby accessories to match them, such as bibs, shoes and t-shirts.


Using a cloth nappy is as easy to use as a bib. Trust us. Go on, what are you waiting for, choose your favourite nappy now and get started today.