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Cloth Nappy FAQ


How many nappies do I need?

For full-time use, you will need 20 nappies - that means you will only have to wash every three days. Remember it doesn't have to be all or nothing - you can start off with a smaller amount while you get used to them. Our bundles come in threes, fives, tens and twenties. Why not start by using them around the house - experience says it won't be long before you want to start using them full-time, especially when you see how gorgeous your little one looks in them!

What type of nappy are Baba+Boo cloth nappies?

All of our nappies are the same type - pocket nappies. Each nappy has a pocket at the back, where you stuff the separate absorbent inserts. Pocket nappies are amongst the most popular type of cloth nappy because they are quick drying and easy to use. Plus you can change the absorbency according to your baby. There is no need for an additional wrap with our nappies. The outer is completely waterproof.


What size do Baba+Boo nappies start at?

We have two sizes of nappies. Newborn and one size, which is also known as birth to potty.
Newborn nappies are designed to fit babies from birth to approximately 6 months (5-18lb).
One size nappies are bigger and designed to fit from about 8lb to 36lb, so right the way up to potty training. These nappies will fit when they are nice and snug around your little ones legs. As babies are born in all shapes and sizes, it is a tough one to call but as a guide, if there is a gape around the leg, the nappy will leak. 

Do I need an extra wrap with Baba+Boo nappies?

No. Our nappies come with 2 bamboo inserts and a nappy outer. This is all you need. No need to purchase anything extra. We like to keep it simple for you. Because using cloth nappies is really simple.

Should I buy newborn or one-size nappies?

This all depends on your feelings about using disposables. Some parents don't want to use disposables at all and will buy newborn nappies and once they have grown out of them, will move up and purchase one-size nappies. This can seem costly but there is a great market for pre-loved nappies.
One-size nappies are not going to fit from birth and could take a month or two. We are not completely anti-disposable and sometimes it can be good to use them while you get used to being a mum and settle into a routine. Using cloth nappies can take some trial and error. Trial and error is not going to be top of your list when you have just had a baby, getting no sleep and trying to work out what on earth has just happened to your world. It doesn't take long to settle down and you can't imagine life before. This is a good time to start enjoying nappy changes with cloth nappies.

Where do I store used nappies?

A good place to store them is in a nappy bucket. These come with a lid that keeps the smells at bay before wash day. Our mesh laundry bags work a treat. They line the bucket so when it comes to washing them, you just grab the bag and throw it in the washing machine. No need to touch the dirty nappies again - we save you the job with these bags, they are a must if you use a bucket.
Some mums like to use a large wet bag for storing the used nappies too.
Storing clean nappies will become an obsession, we have seen some beautiful cloth nappy shelves.

So what else will I need?

Nappy bucket to store your nappies until wash day.
Nappy bags for when you are out and about to store wet nappies.
Nappy liners to line the nappy and catch the poop.
We sell all these items seperately but if you are keen to get started, we recommend you buy one of our starter kits. These come with all you need - nappies of choice, nappy bucket, mesh bags, liners and a nappy bag.

Are they hard work?

Nothing could be further than the truth. All it means is an extra couple of wash loads a week. When you have a baby in the house, you will know or are about to find out, that your washing machine is never off anyway. What's a couple of extra loads?
There is no need to soak, scrub or boil. Just keep the nappies in a bucket until wash day and bung them in the wash. They are dry within a few hours ready to use again. Simple.

Do I need to change my baby more?

No. Change as you would a disposable. You will probably even find that you change your baby less. Cloth nappies are so absorbent and as long as there is no poop, you can get a fair while out of one nappy. You will get used to this as you go along and know when your little one needs changing. You will probably want to change nappies though, you'll be excited to get the next one on! Sounds daft but believe us, you will. 

Do I need to use liners? 

You won't need a liner but you may prefer to use one. Our nappies have a stay dry fleece layer, so it draws moisture away from baby's skin onto the insert. You may find it easier to use a liner when dealing with poop, as they catch most of it and you can just flush it away. See more details about liners here. 

What do I do when I change the nappy?

When it comes to change time, undo the poppers on the nappy, tip any liner and contents into the toilet, take the inserts out and put the outer and inserts into your bucket or nappy bag. Then...forget about it until wash day!

What do I do with the dirty nappies?

Most mums use nappy buckets. These come with a lid and keep any smells at bay. Our starter kits are perfect to get started as they come with a bucket, nappies and other bits to get you going.

You could also use a large nappy bag. These are good if you go away on holiday too as it will save you taking a bucket, saving valuable boot space for the kitchen sink, which you need when you have a little one on board!

How do I wash Baba+Boo reusable nappies? 

Each nappy comes with a handy manual with washing instructions. We suggest using a nappy bucket to keep them in until wash day, then you can wash them all at once. See our washing guide here for more information.

Do I need extra boosters?

Not straightaway. When your baby is really small, you will only need to use the one insert. However, as they grow, you may find that they are soaking through their nappies quicker. Try adding another bamboo mix insert and it should make a difference.

If you find that your baby is soaking through two bamboo mix inserts quickly, you will need to use some boosters. We have two options:

Microfibre - these boosters draw the liquid really fast away from your baby and could work really well with one of the bamboo mix ones.

Charcoal - perfect for heavy wetters, these boosters are the king of absorbency. 

Can I use Baba+Boo nappies at night?

Yes. Lots of mums use our nappies at night. You will need to boost your nappy with extra boosters such as charcoal. Using boosters ensures that your little one isn't disturbed by being wet. Ensuring babies sleep as long as they can without being disturbed is always key. Always.

Get in touch if you would like any further help on using our nappies at night. 

My nappy is leaking. Help!

Take a look at our troubleshooting guide here. If you need any more help, please get in touch straightaway. We will get to the bottom of it. Pardon the pun.


If you have any questions that haven't been answered above, please get in touch. We are always happy to discuss nappies and talk about your gorgeous little new babies.