Join Our Village

It all starts with a reusable nappy.

Whether you use one reusable nappy a week, one a day, or go full-time, we'd love you to be part of our community. We believe that small changes can make big differences, and that reusables can be the start of great things.

However you choose to be part of the Baba+Boo family, you'll be joining the most supportive and kind corner of the internet.

How to join our community

The Baba+Boo Village

Our private Facebook group, the Baba+Boo Village, is a kind and supportive group of seasoned cloth bum mums (the colloquial term for reusable nappy users) and complete newcomers, all sharing information with no judgment. You can join here.

Snail Mail

We don't send very many emails, but once a week we send Snail Mail. It has one tiny bit of product promotion at the bottom, and the rest is fun, helpful and inspiring information for parents. If you'd like to be part of this, join our mailing list.


Follow along for news, updates and more. We're @babaandboo 



There is a steeper learning curve with reusables than single-use nappies and our customer service team is on-hand to troubleshoot with you or simply answer questions. Contact us via WhatsApp, call on +44 (0) 161 260 0140, or email