How Reusable Nappies Work

There are lots of different types of reusable nappies to choose from.

There is a lot of information on Google on how to use them.

Which means it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

We don't want you to be overwhelmed. We want to help parents who want to be a little bit more kinder to the planet. By showing you how reusable nappies work, how to wash reusables and how they can be kinder to your babies skin.

How reusable nappies work

We offer one type of nappy. In two different sizes. And that is it. Our nappies are called pocket nappies. They are made of waterproof material. The lining of the nappy, which is next to your baby's skin, is made of a soft stay dry fleece. so they will stay nice and dry until they are ready to be changed. Our nappies OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, so you can be sure there are no nasty chemicals near your baby's precious bum.

Each nappy has a pocket at the back. Inside the pocket, you put the inserts. The insert is the absorbent part of the nappy. 

All of our nappies come with two inserts. You may only need one insert when your baby is small and as your baby grows, you will put two inserts inside the pocket. 

You change the whole nappy including inserts at change time. Think of a reusable nappy in the same way you think of a disposable nappy. But you wash it instead of putting it in the bin.

Nappy Sizes

We have two different sizes of nappies:

- Newborn - approximately for babies from birth to six months (5-18lb)

- One Size - approximately for babies from eight weeks to 3 years (10-36lb)

    Both sizes of our nappies are adjustable to fit to your baby's size and shape. On the front of the nappies, we have 3 rows of 3 poppers. The same style of poppers that you will use on babygrows. The poppers can be snapped together to make the nappies smaller and then bigger as your baby grows. This is called sizing the nappies. 

    Changing a reusable nappy

    If you have used a disposable nappy, you can use a reusable nappy. You will either use velcro on the newborns or the poppers on the one size nappies to fasten the nappy. 

    You don't need to change a reusable nappy more or less than a disposable nappy. With one insert, the nappy will be absorbent for 2-3 hours and with two inserts, we know mums who say they last six hours.

    This is a simple guide about how to use Baba+Boo nappies. Other guides you may find useful:

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