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Every Nappy Tells A Story

Each gentle fold and tuck of a nappy around your child, is a memory filed. Between you and them, in a moment so gentle, bonds are made. So pure. So fundamental.


You want want to wrap each memory tight. Like that first time they slept through the night. Or…didn’t again, so you held them close under constellations of stars, knowing this time is ours. But others have felt this way too. And they have gazed upon skies at night, just like you. Looking up connected to now and to past and future generations. Twinkling brightly, the finest of foundations


Above us, is not only sky, it is where the bumble bees fly to work in their homes of honeycomb. As they create patterns of imperfect symmetry. Patterns connect them and us and nature, as we wrap you in memories.

Daisy Chain

You wish the world for them. And want to show them this world at its best. From how to make a daisy chain and how the daisy head is the ultimate weather vein. Seeing the awe when they notice how it will turn to face the sun and encourage them to do the same.


Take time to sit with them. Folding paper swans and cranes. Show them how, in a world full of magic...

Toadstools look for the jewels. And how those jewels are not always sparkly. They are people who love and support you. They shine in the nature that surrounds them, like the vivid red of a toadstool that looks like a fairytale, made with perfect attention to detail.

Go Bananas

Or the colour of the sun. How it instantly screams fun. Like the yellow of the daisy, or banana. How fun itself is a jewel to treasure. And when we ‘go bananas’ it’s because it is good to do things just for pure pleasure.

Frosty Foxes

Through communities we share stories. High, lows, loss and glories. Teach them to trust that through every season, nature will always show you something to believe in. So you keep wrapping memories warm like frosty foxes. As you walk hand in hand to postboxes. Envelopes filled with stories of memories made.

Love Letters

Of how each nappy you fold around them tells a story. Creating memories of when you wrapped them in cloth. How each fold and tuck was filled with love that enveloped you and them. And those moments made life feel better. Memories treasured, like the epitome of the most pure and perfect love letter.