Cloth v Disposable Nappies




It’s been estimated that Baba+Boo nappies have prevented 15 million nappies going to landfill. But using washable nappies is not just about the planet - your pocket benefits too. We reckon that by using cloth nappies, those canny Baba+Boo parents have saved themselves around £26million and counting. Read on to see how you can save yourself over £1,000.

Here’s two scenarios:

  1. You buy all the reusable nappies you’ll need up front. They cost you £195.
  2. You buy all the disposable nappies you’ll need upfront. They cost you around £1,000.


Disposables versus washables: how much do nappies cost?

The average age for potty training is two and a half - which means around 6,000 nappy changes. Great for squeezing chubby legs; not so great if every one of those changes costs you money. Most estimates of how much you will spend on disposable nappies are around £850-£1,100 per child. If you choose to use a nappy disposal system, it adds in the region of £200; otherwise you’ll need to add the cost of nappy bags.

By contrast, getting started with reusables can cost as little as £195. Baba+Boo nappies are one size, you can adjust the size so you only need to buy once. Although lots of mums come back for more simply because they love our new season prints! A starter kit includes everything you need - fifteen nappies, 30 inserts, a bucket with wash bags to store your dirty nappies, and a storage bag for when you’re out and about. It also includes 80 liners to get you on your way. If you choose to continue using liners they cost £3.95 (plus p+p) - so that will add about £250-£300 to your overall costs.

Washing cost of reusable nappies

If you wash your nappies two or three times a week at 60 degrees*, and take into account the cost of electricity, water and detergent, then the grand total is...about £1 a week, or about £130 over two and a half years. Our pocket nappies dry quickly, so you shouldn't need to tumble dry them.

Landfill costs of disposables

According to WRAP, the UK adds 3 billion disposable nappies to landfill every year. One of the reasons councils are always trying to reduce landfill waste is because it costs them (us!) more than £83/tonne in landfill tax. Each year we’re spending over £80 million in tax on putting disposable nappies in landfill. OK, you can't reduce your council tax single handedly - but if your friends start to see how easy and cost-effective reusables are, and enough people start to realise what their disposables are costing, then that's a pretty big chunk for Austerity Britain!

The verdict

When we’ve looked at the costs, we’ve tried to be generous to disposables. For example, if you use eco-friendlier disposables these cost a lot more than budget nappies. We’ve also been pretty harsh on reusables. Most people have A or A+ washing machines, and you don’t need to wash at 60 degrees every time. Washing at 40 degrees costs about half as much. Not everyone uses liners either.

Which makes it pretty clear: cloth nappies save you money. A lot of money.

Now, where’s that holiday brochure?

  Reusables** Disposables*** Saving (conservative estimate)
One child £560 £1,000 £440
Two children £960 £2,000 £1,040
Three children £1,390 £3,000 £1,610

*We recommend using 40 degree washes with occasional 60 degree washes, which is nicer for your nappies as well as your wallet.

**Based upon a ten nappy starter kit, using liners and washing costs

***Based upon budget nappies without a nappy disposal system