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Medium Double Zip Reusable Nappy Storage Bag - Baba+Boo

Medium Double Zip Reusable Nappy Storage Bag

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Your investment in these nappy bags goes a long way. Don't think of them as nappy bags, it is your parenting all purpose bag. Designed for use with cloth nappies but their uses go way beyond that. As one client called them Bags Of Awesome and this sums them up perfectly.

The double zip bag has two compartments, giving you endless possibilities: damp wipes in one side with clean dry nappies in the other...clean nappies in one section with used kept separate...wet swimming gear alongside the things you want to keep dry... 

Perfect makeup bags, toiletry bags, beach bags and great for trips to the swimming pool. If you do use them for cloth nappies when you are out and about, these bags will hold about 4-5 nappies. The bag measures 35 x 40cm.

You can read more about how to store your cloth nappies here.

Wet bags are made from the same material as the outer shell of our nappies. So, just like a nappy, they are designed to keep wetness in, but they won't tolerate being soaked. They are perfect for storing dirty nappies, damp wipes, swim suits in a towel etc - but if you use them for something really wet (like rinsed, unwrung CSP, very wet wipes, or a swim suit that's not been wrung out) then they will wick moisture, just like a nappy. 

Made from the same fabric as our nappies.

100% polyester with a polyurethane lining to give the bags a waterproof lining.

Can be washed with your nappies or normal laundry on up to 60 degrees.

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Georgia W.
United Kingdom

Very useful storage bags

These are so useful! I use the smaller bags to store clean cloth wipes when out and about and a large one to store dirty nappies until back home. Also really useful for swimwear!

Abi L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Wish I had found these sooner

Let me explain… I’ve never been one of those mums that has a nappy bag but rather just a load of stuff separated into different bags and popped into my own bag. However, I really wish I had found these sooner when I had my first child! The medium bags are great for a day out, they fit around 4 nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, full change of clothes in. I have one for my son and one for my daughter as I find it easier their bits being separated. I also have plenty of room to store a couple of bottles and extra muslins for my daughters one too. I also use these for my wardrobe. I don’t have loads of drawer space but quite a lot of hanging space so I have several; one for socks, one for underwear and another for bikinis etc. I’ve also bought a large one for all of my gym clothes too. The popper on the handle makes it easy to use and take down. One thing is, I do wish that the small and large would also have a popper on the handle too as this is such a great addition on the medium bags.

A Baba+Boo Customer
Germany Germany

perfect for everyone

Our whole familie uses Baba+Boo bags, for kindergarten (dirty clothes), for sports, to transport shoes while going on holiday, for the beach to protect camera, mobile and many other things.... We do not want to miss them and i especially love the version with two compartments and where i can open the string.

Helen S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Medium Wet Bag

Ideal size for taking swimming, I love the fact that there are two separate compartments so that I can keep dry and wet items separate.

Kate P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Wonder bags!

Fabulous wet bag - we use for taking cloth nappies to nursery, and also as laundry bags when we go away. I deliberately went for plain colours as I know I’ll still be using thru years after we’ve ***** trained.