Charcoal Boosters

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These really are the king of boosters.

If you have a heavy wetter then these inserts are for you.

Made from two layers of bamboo charcoal fleece and three layers of microfibre, these might just save your sanity when your baby is wetting through quicker than usual. They are also perfect for boosting at night.

Finding the right combination of boosters is a case of trial and error but do get in touch if you are struggling. We LOVE to help. Click here for a guide to our boosters.

Supplied as a pack of two (with ribbon and everything).

Two outer layers of charcoal bamboo fleece and three inner layers of microfibre.

Size: 36 x 14cm

We recommend you pre-wash these inserts on their own a couple of times to ensure they reach maximum absorbency. Wash with dark colours up to 60 degrees.

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