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Mixed Booster Bundle - Hemp, Charcoal and Slim Boosters - Baba+Boo

Mixed Booster Bundle - Hemp, Charcoal and Slim Boosters

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When your baby grows, so does their bladder and you may find that their nappies need extra absorbency. We have boosters to help with that. This mixed bundle is a great way for you to try and find the mix of boosters that work for your baby. Plus you will save a couple of pounds too by buying a bundle.

Each bundle contains:

2 x hemp boosters

2 x charcoal boosters

2 x slim boosters

This bundle is for our one size nappies.


Outer: Polyester blend with bamboo charcoal

Inner: 89% bamboo and 11% nylon.

Size: 36 x 14cm


Made from 4 layers with the following composition:

Outer layers: cotton 55% hemp 36% viscose 4.5% linen 4.5%

Inner layers: cotton 59% viscose 41%


Two layers of 80% bamboo and 20% polyester terry.

Wash up to 60 degrees.

We recommend you pre-wash these boosters a couple of times to ensure they reach maximum absorbency. We know that some of you choose not to pre-wash your nappies and bamboo inserts - but hemp really do need a few pre-washes to create extra absorbency.

It is normal for hemp to shrink slightly when you first wash it. Please don't worry, we have sized them to cope with a little shrinkage! Give your inserts a good tug when they come out of the wash ('reshape whilst damp') - this will resize them nicely and help them to lie nice and flat inside the pocket.

Please don't use fabric conditioner on your nappies or inserts as it makes them less absorbent.