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Your influence runs deeper than you know

This week I discovered that at Baba+Boo our ‘Just One Nappy’ approach is something that is resonating across more than reusable nappies when my 10 year old announced at the dinner table that he has started his own campaign to make one small change in his school.

It started with a conversation about sending Christmas cards this year and how many we usually find at the bottom of school bags (usually unopened!) in the New Year.  

It was a simple sum, how many Christmas cards were sent in their primary school each year? if every child sent a card to everyone in their class it would be over 7000 cards exchanged just in that one, relatively small school. A few minutes of research later and he found that an estimated 1 billion Christmas cards are thrown out each year.  The solution?  Instead of each child in the school sending everyone in their class a card that they each send one card to their class, reducing the number of cards sent by over six and half thousand!  Quite a significant difference when you see it in black and white.  The cards would then all be collected in the new year for recycling. 

The name given to this campaign? Just one card. 

It was a timely reminder that it really is the small changes that ripple through our lives, families and communities.

One child, one idea, one change, one significant impact. 
(oh and one very proud mama moment!).

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