You’ve Sprung a Leak!

You’ve Sprung a Leak!

Whether you’re using reusable nappies or single-use, it’s more than likely that you’re here because you’re having trouble with leaks. We have solved this problem for many parents, so read on for our top tips. 

I’ve got a few years of experience in dealing with nappy leaks, as my two daughters were both ‘super soakers!’ and we went through a period of trial and error in the search for the perfect nappy and booster pad combination.

Here's what I've learnt:

  • Reusable nappies do fit and fasten slightly differently to single use nappies. This video by a Baba+Boo mum shows you how to make sure you’re getting a good, snug fit and the video below shows you how to get the size right.

  • Check your booster pads after leaks – are they soaked through completely or maybe soaked in one area. If they’re soaked in one area then double up with the ‘Axel fold’ to concentrate absorbency where it’s needed.  For smaller babies, our slim booster pads work brilliantly for this as they won’t make the nappy too bulky and compromise fit.
  • If the booster pads are completely soaked through after leaks, consider whether you have sufficient absorbency in the pocket. Maybe you need a more absorbent pad such as the charcoal or hemp one, particularly for overnight use. Charcoal was my go-to insert for everyday use but you can mix and match any two booster pads to find what works best for you.
  • Are you changing often enough? The NHS recommend that younger babies need changing 10-12 times per day and older babies (12m+) around 6-8 times a day. This is the case whether you’re using single use or reusable nappies.
  • Are you getting leaks from compression? This could be from a vest that’s a little too tight (resolved with handy little vest extenders) or maybe when being held in a sling.  These can cause what we call ‘compression leaks’ and adding in a different type of booster pad that holds onto liquid can really help with this – our hemp ones are the best for this.
  • Do you have the right size/popper setting? It might be time to extend the rise on your reusable nappies and accept that your baby is growing!  If it’s too short, then this could result in leaks. Just open up the rise poppers to the next size and see if that helps.  We also have some handy little nappy extenders if the waist also needs extending. If you’re using disposables try the next size up and this could resolve your problem.
  • It’s well known in the cloth nappy community that reusable nappies contain ‘poonamis’ much better than single use nappies, so if you’re finding that you’re having poonamis with your single use nappies then why not take the plunge and trial a reusable – it might just save your sanity and babygrows! Especially good for babies with food allergies who can have very runny tummies.

We're here to help: contact Sue and Eve by phone for a quick chat, or email us with questions or to set up a video call where we can talk you through the nappy set-up in detail.

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