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You asked, we listened

Smaller bags for CSP, you say? Oh yes. XL pads for post partum? Tick. Your favourite nappy prints in CSP? Well, we couldn’t say no. Three brand new prints, especially for you? Read on for the story behind the brand new collection of CSP.

Throughout my life I have been inspired and motivated by strong women. In my childhood, by women like my teacher Miss Young, who helped me come out of my shell and who told me I could be anything I wanted. In my career by ethical women like Laura Tenison MBE, the founder of JoJo Maman Bebe, who also started her business from her kitchen table.
One of my greatest pleasures is seeing my nine year old daughter draw inspiration from the strong women in her life - the ones she meets, the one she sees, the ones she reads about.

I have the joy - and challenge - of bringing up a strong willed, spirited girl with a desire to change the world.*
It was my privilege to work alongside my nine year old daughter to create these prints. These prints are inspired by the stories we read together. They’re inspired by the strong women who have taught us both that we can do anything. And they’re inspired by the knowledge that these women have instilled in her - to be unafraid of standing up for what she believes is right, and to use her talents to make change happen.
They are inspired by her belief in herself. Others may tell her that, at nine years old, she’s not ready to be part of the process of creating designs - but these woman have taught her that This Girl Can.
These women have opened doors for future generations of women. Women like you and I, and girls like my daughter.
Thank you to the strong women whose stories we have read so many times.
To Corrie ten Boom, the first licensed female watchmaker in the Netherlands, who protected Jews and refugees during World War 2.
To Rachel Carson, the ecologist and gifted writer of Silent Spring who was one of the founders of modern day environmentalism and who has protected thousands of species of wildflowers.
To Mary Anning, who overcame 18th century poverty to become a famous fossil finder and one of the first paleontologists.
To Margherita Hack, the astrophysicist and social campaigner who made science accessible and became the first female director of an astronomical observatory in Italy.
To Anne Frank, and all the women who have changed the world with their words.
We hope you love these prints as much as we loved creating them together.

*(Parents of toddlers: this is not how we described her when when she was two. Trust me, it’s worth the pain...)

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So proud of my daughter and granddaughter

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