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Why We Will Always Put Purpose Over Profit

What does it mean to be a sustainable brand? For us, it’s about truly ensuring environmental, economic and social factors are at the core of all our business decisions, and that we do everything in our power to operate in the best way for both people and the planet. 


Now, we know that manufacturing products isn’t always sustainable, which is why we are as transparent as possible about our supply chain. We also know that our products are truly helping safeguard our planet, by creating in-demand reusable alternatives, our community is helping to drastically cut down the number of single-use nappies from ending up in landfill.  Not to mention our other reusable products too which are becoming increasingly popular.

Throughout our entire history, we’ve been an anti-consumerist brand. This means we sell a handful of things. Cloth nappies and accessories, as well as a few essentials for parents.  We have never shifted away from our stance that ‘20 nappies is enough’. When parents come to us asking how to get started, we often say start with a small amount to see how you get on first. We try to instil the ethos of buying once and buying better. 


We only sell one type of nappy, for which we release prints to keep our community engaged and in order to help reusable nappies become mainstream. If there was no buzz, no excitement, and if they didn’t look so blooming cool, then encouraging people to make the switch would be tricky. 

For years the fashion industry has been pushing us all to buy more. Buy new, buy now, buy the latest, but we’re starting to see a shift. We’re seeing a move to clothing rentals, a pivot to slow fashion, and we’re seeing consumers placing greater importance on the brands that they choose to support. For us, this is amazing. 

Baba+Boo was created to help safeguard our planet. As we consume more, our planet is creaking at the seams, and it’s the responsibility of brands to lead the way in showing sustainable alternatives to the norm. 

However, we are starting to see positive change. Over the last few months, we’ve seen a huge increase in our community as more and more parents turn to reusables. We’re on a mission to make reusables the new normal, and we’re feeling pretty confident that this is a change that’s starting to happen. As a business, we’re also growing. We’ve learnt so much over the last few years, and while we’re not perfect, we’re doing everything we can do be the best versions of ourselves. This means we’re improving our products, working on our sustainability roadmaps and ensuring every element of our business is having the least impact on the planet.

So while we may be growing, we want to reassure our community that we’ll always stay true to our roots. We’ll never launch products for the sake of sales, and we’ll continue to operate with purpose over profit, always. 

Being a sustainable brand is a catch-22, we know that, we’re working to be as transparent as possible and to be the best we can be, but this is our promise to you, our community, that we’ll continue to fight consumerism and do everything we can to help benefit people and the planet. 


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