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Tell me about: Why choose reusable nappies?

We could talk forever about why we love reusable nappies, but here are our top reasons why reusable nappies make us happy:

Happier bottoms
No nasty chemicals, and super-soft fabric means there's less chance of nappy rash and nothing harmful beside your baby's skin. 

Dryer bottoms
Hundreds of customers have reported fewer leaks and excellent absorbency with our reusable nappies.

Contained bottoms
Reusable nappies boast an exceptional ability to contain poonamis, meaning far, far fewer up the back explosions and leaks.

Prettier bottoms
There's a range of gorgeous colours and prints.

Cheaper bottoms
Save at least £700 a year vs premium disposable nappies when used full-time.

Greener bottoms
Stuff nappies, not bins! Emptier bins means less waste leaving your house (and less time emptying the nappy bin) and reusable nappies can be used again and again. One child uses around 4,500 nappies from birth to potty, which with disposables involves a lot of CO2, plastic, chemicals and water in their production.

More flexible bottoms
It's not all or nothing! Full-time, part-time with disposables, daytime only. Your reusable nappy, your way!

Covered bottoms
Never run out of nappies again. They're adjustable so grow with your baby.

Geekier bottoms
There's more to learn than with disposable nappies, but you can become a reusables expert in no-time.

Social bottoms
The reusable nappy community is extremely friendly and supportive. You need never feel alone.

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