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Why Asking Questions Is One Of Your Greatest Strengths

As a brand, our mission is to help parents live simpler, more sustainable lives. This means that we need to practice what we preach. We are always trying to be as transparent as possible, and while we know we’re not perfect, we’re striving to be the best that we can be. 


Transparency is something we come back to every time we have a problem or something to solve: is this sustainable and is this transparent? And it’s this questioning that makes our community fully circular. It’s all about ‘the why’. 

Our community is constantly helping us learn and develop, and by you guys asking us these questions, we’re able to truly explore the reasoning behind our choices. We’re able to be better. 

Recently, we were asked about the composition of the fabric of our much loved hemp inserts. We have always been told that these were 55% hemp 45% cotton, but when we get asked a question like this, we see it as a chance to learn, delve a little deeper and question the norm. Curiosity is what keeps us thriving here at Baba+Boo and it’s something that’s reflected in our community. 

So off we toddled to an independent testing house to find out the exact composition and we learnt SO much.

The results of the testing revealed some things that surprised us, one of those being the full makeup of the hemp inserts, which isn’t the standard 55:45 that we had previously been advised of. Instead, they contain other fabrics as well as hemp, with hemp only being present in the outer layers and the inner layers being made up of a mixture of cotton and bamboo viscose. Read the full composition here. 

We have now corrected our website with the correct composition and followed the guidance of the testing house. We are changing the name to hemp blend too. 

We have always had total confidence in our production and supply chain, but things slip through the cracks occasionally. We are always grateful for the questions you ask us. Never stop being curious and we’ll promise to never stop on our quest to be better. 

Our goal this year is to provide a sustainability report and be fully transparent about where we are right now and where we want to get to. The practice of sustainability and transparency is never perfect, but you can always try to do better. You asking us questions is a huge part of that and we will never shy away from finding the answers. The ultimate goal is to know the answers, and the most important part of that goal is you, our community. While we know we will never know everything, we’ll never stop trying. 


Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

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