Tell me about: Where does the poo go?

Tell me about: Where does the poo go?

What happens to the poo?

The poo goes down the loo! Simply take the dirty nappy to the loo and tip the poo into it.

What if it's really runny?

You can wash it off using the flush from the loo, or use a reusable or disposable liner to 'catch' the poo. 

This option is especially great for softer, tiny baby poo or when dealing with a runny tummy as you can remove the liner and put it in the bin (not down the loo) with minimal contact and it keeps the nappy a bit cleaner. If it's a reusable liner you take the liner to the loo, tip the poo in and then wash it with the rest of the nappy.

What if I'm out and about and not near a loo?

Put the poo in a disposable or biodegradable nappy bag and tip it into a suitable bin. Put the soiled nappy into a Wet Bag ready to put in the wash when you get home. 

How do I wash a soiled reusable nappy?

Washing reusable nappies is far simpler than you might imagine or have been told. After you've got rid of the poo, remove the boosters (reusable absorbent inserts) from the dirty nappy and pop them, along with the rest of the reusable nappy, in the wash at 60 degrees, or in the nappy bucket ready for wash day. Use a pre-wash or rinse for heavy soiling. Use your usual detergent and nothing else.

Baby poo is a hot topic in the world of reusables, and it can cause more worry than it needs to. If the baby is exclusively fed with milk (breast or formula), this is water soluble and can go in the machine just as a soiled babygrow would. Once the baby is on solids, the poo should be tipped down the loo.

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Banish blowouts!

Did you know, you get fewer to zero poonamis with a reusable nappy because of the fit.

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