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What you can do with your pre-loved cloth nappies

A question we are often asked is what mums can do with their nappies once their little one has potty trained. So here we are - a little list of what you can do with your nappies. It actually breaks our heart a little to think of cloth nappies going to landfill, so check below to see what you can do to avoid that.


Family and Friends

Could you pass them onto a friend or family member who is looking to try them? This has two benefits - giving them a new home and stopping another huge load of single-use nappies going to landfill.

Sell them

There is a market for pre-loved cloth nappies especially if they have been looked after well. There are groups for particular brands so you could ask the brand of nappies you are selling. Mums sell on our Facebook Buy and Sell group. There are also lots of other groups on Facebook like this one where you can list them.


Nappy libraries do a wonderful job helping parents get to grips with using cloth nappies and they are always needing donations. So first port of call is to contact your local nappy library. Click here to find your local library. If they don't need them, join this group to find a library that does need them. Libraries will never send them to landfill. This diagram shows where they will go if they cannot make use of them for loan kits.


We have worked with lots of charities over the years who need cloth nappies. We often have schemes ourselves or know of charities that are currently in need of cloth nappies. Get in touch with us here and we will get back to you.

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If the PUL waterproof layer isn’t working any longer but the rest of the nappy is intact (which we’ve actually never seen with the Baba and Boo nappies), then you can sell them as birth to potty swim nappies. Our library has been making money finding lovely new homes for all of these broken nappies…

Olivia Crowther

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