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We're Taking A Break, But We'll See You All Very Soon!

What a crazy few weeks, it still all feels very surreal.


Over the last month, we've dispatched thousands of nappies to parents who are new to cloth nappies, which for us is a dream come true. We've also sent out thousands of nappies to NHS workers and several hundred to banks. Seeing how reusables are helping to make parents lives even the slightest bit more convenient has been a real silver lining amongst all this uncertainty, and being able to help in any way possible is what has been getting us through.

Hearing the stories of key workers has been heartbreaking, but at some points amazing, and we want to say a huge thank you again to everyone who’s on the frontline of this battle. 

As I’m sure many parents will relate to, I'm forever feeling compelled to help. It’s this drive that has been the focus of Baba+Boo over the last few weeks. But, now more than ever I feel it's time to focus on my family and my wellbeing. This has been the most amazing but the hardest month for us in the business, which is why I've made the very hard decision to step away for a short period in order to put my family first. 

This has not been a decision we've taken lightly. 

I’ve taken the decision to step away for a while and spend some time with my family, to play with my children and support them through these difficult times. But, while we take some time out to re-group, we'll be back stronger than ever very soon.

This means that for the moment we’ll be temporarily stopping orders for the next week or so. If you're still waiting on order this will be fulfilled, but for now, we're temporarily halting any new ones. We'll still be on hand to look at emails but might not be as quick as usual.

I want to take this time to say thank you to my amazing team, the last few months wouldn't have been possible without you guys. You truly are exceptional. I also want to thank our amazing community for your continued support, you continue to keep me inspired! 

We’ll see you all very soon! 

Eve x

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Hope you get to spend some quality time with your family on your break. I’m sure it’s well deserved and you’re all staying safe and well.
Just wondered if you had an email listing so I know when you’re back up and running?
I’m in no major hurry as I’m just looking to bulk up the stash I already have, but would love to be able to try your nappies when you’ve returned.
All the best, A. Benson

Alannah Benson

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