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We’re Still Here To Help In These Surreal Times

We’re in surreal times. We know being a new parent is stressful enough, but with the spread of COVID-19 parents are being forced to consider new, stressful situations. Whether it’s loneliness from self-isolation or not being able to buy baby essentials in the shops, parents all over the world are trying to navigate the unexpected.

Updated: This post was written in March when we faced this new world we now live in. We are now in January 2021 in a new lockdown in the UK. This message is a relevant as ever, even more so. We have updated the way we are working currently, along with the way Brexit is affecting our operations.

Here at Baba+Boo, we’re trying our best to steer our way around these uncertain days. We wanted to write this blog to let you all know that we’re all in this together, and we’re here for you. Over the last few years, the Baba+Boo community has been amazing in offering support to other parents, and in these uncertain times, this is something that’s needed more than ever. 

We wanted to communicate the ways that we’re working to help keep everyone safe and calm, and make sure everyone has access to nappies during this period.

Baba+Boo HQ

We have a fantastic team at our HQ and we are all doing all that we can to keep operations running. We are all working from home apart from our hard-working dispatch team, whose health is our priority, and we are following recommendations from Public Health England and WHO with our hygiene in our warehouse.

Our Orders

We are getting orders out same day where possible but we only have one person packing orders to ensure that they are safe. This means that our service may get slower depending on the demand. 

For overseas orders. there are delays at the port due to Brexit and delays are happening with deliveries into the EU. We have extra paperwork to do and we are navigating new systems. Please bear with us as we won't be as quick as usual. Our amazing customer service team will keep you informed.

Customer Service

We are seeing a lot of new customers and parents wanting advice about how to get started. Which is wonderful! Our fabulous customer service team are on hand via email. Do bear with us as due to the high demand, we are not as quick as we usually would be. Our team are working from home and juggling their work and homeschooling so please be patient with us. They are working reduced hours but still ensuring that our emails are looked at every day.

If you have questions about your order, please contact our despatch team here

For all other questions, please contact our customer service team here.

Our phone lines are not being manned currently.

Reaching Out

We want to help you keep calm in the coming weeks and months. It's not easy and we are all suffering from the uncertainty. Do join our Facebook hangout where we will be checking in with you and sharing activities to help the days seem a little less long, while we do our bit to stop the spread of this virus.

Families in Need

If you know of any charities that are helping vulnerable families through these hard times, please let us know. We cannot imagine how hard it must be to juggle families, worrying about unemployment and finances. We want to try and reach as many families as possible. We have always said that using one reusable nappy a day stops 900 single use nappies going to landfill. One reusable nappy a day could take a lot of worries away.

And finally, we just wanted to say that it’s more important than ever to open our minds and our hearts to those around us. It’s not the time to shut ourselves off from our communities and distance ourselves from the world, we need to stay open and think of others.

And remember, we’re in this together and we are here for you!

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