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We have a winner....

Back in October when we launched our Ten Collection, we gave you the opportunity to design the tenth in the collection. It has taken ages for us to choose a winner because we had so many entrants with some lovely ideas.

From mackerels, rainbows and fireworks to acorns, more acorns and lots of trees, your creativity blew us away. We definitely get the message that you want acorns on nappies!

We were looking for something that we haven't done before and something that made our hearts sing. There was plenty to choose from but from our shortlist, the clear winner was Ellie Tabron's 'Outdoor Play' nappy.

The simplicity really appealed to our 'keep it simple' message and it matched the theme of our Ten Collection about growing up. 

Ellie's story behind the nappy is:

"A design to celebrate the simple pleasures of outdoor play. I loved nothing more as a child to be outdoors and free. I was happy in a field with just my imagination for company, but it would have made  for a rather plain nappy! My son loves the playpark and his ball, I added hopscotch, as we had hopscotch painted on one playground floor of my primary school. I've added trees for context and nature, along with a dog, because why not!"

Ellie is envisioning a white nappy with some simple line drawings and small areas of colour - with a scandi vibe.

We are really looking forward to developing this print with Ellie and seeing the finished result in early summer.

Thank you all for your fantastic entries. It's been so inspiring and it is definitely something we will do again.





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