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Washing your cloth nappies

This is a question I see frequently on the forums and social media.  There is so much conflicting information on this subject, it’s no wonder people are confused!  So here you go, I’m going to simplify it for you in this post.

The general guidelines for washing cloth nappies are that you follow the following sequence; cold rinse, 40o intensive wash (not an eco program), final rinse.

It is normally OK to wash nappies on a 60but you are best to check with the manufacturer's guidelines before you do.  In fact, if baby has had a tummy bug, thrush etc, it's best to wash the nappies at 60as this will rid the nappies of any bugs.

Use approximately half of the amount of non-bio powder than you would use in a clothing wash and don’t put anything else in there e.g. stain removers or softeners.  Avoid using liquid detergents as these don't dissolve as well as powders and can leave you with residue on your nappies.

It’s always best if you can line dry your nappies but when living in the UK, it’s not always possible!  Keep the nappies away from direct heat sources so if you’re drying them on a radiator for example, use a radiator airer or even place a towel on the radiator and then put the nappies on top.

Drying nappies out in the sunshine will help rid them of any stains, it's a very powerful stain remover and also, THE most effective antibacterial agent, if only we could bottle it!

Finally, don’t stuff your pocket nappies when they are warm as you run the risk of stretching the elastics.

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