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Using One Cloth Nappy A Day

On Friday we celebrated the wonderful planet we live on for World Environment day, although this is actually something we celebrate every single day at Baba+Boo. Our aim is to encourage people to start doing something positive to protect the environment we live in. What about making the small step and start using one cloth nappy a day?

Did you know that 8 million disposable nappies are sent to landfill every day in the UK alone? Each one of those nappies takes 500 years to decompose in those rubbish dumps.

Even if you start using one cloth nappy a day one your little baby's precious bottom, you will stop 900 nappies going to landfill. We even help you get started with our Try A Baba+Boo Nappy Scheme, where you can try before you buy a full bundle of nappies.

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