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Using cloth nappies on holiday

You love your cloth nappies but what about holidays and the ever-decreasing weight allowance and don't even mention the room in the car for holidays in the UK. We asked our fabulous mums on our Facebook Hangout for their tips for using cloth nappies on holiday.

First holidays with kids are not the holidays that you were used to. Not sure they should be even called holidays. Can take a few years to adjust to the 'new' type of holidays that come with taking kids. That is another blog post entirely.

Self catering holidays

In the UK, these are probably the easiest for you to continue with your cloth nappies. Cottages will usually have a washing machine and you can just crack on with enjoying your holiday and washing your nappies as you go along. Might be easier to take a large wet bag rather than your bucket. You'll have enough stuff crammed in your car. It's in the rules that you can't see out the back window when you go on holiday in the car. Don't forget you can store used nappies in your car if you are short on space in your apartment/tent for example.


A lot of the mums we chatted with, have stayed in villas with washing machines. The best thing about this is not having to take loads of nappies due the amazing drying facilities. The hot sun! Again, make sure you have large nappy bags for storing them. Steph, a cloth nappy guru, has got by with 10 nappies and 2 night nappies when going abroad in a villa. It is best you take quick-drying nappies with you - ours are quick drying so you are good with our nappies.


If you don't have any washing facilities but don't want to buy single-use nappies, you can try hand-washing your nappies.Where there is a will there is a way. If you do decide to go down the hand-washing route, ensure you give them a good strip-wash when you get home. 

Handy hints

Take pegs and a clothes line - especially if you are camping or going to a festival. This is essential for getting them dry. Or a knicker chandelier as Helen called these things. 

Most importantly, remember that it doesn't have to be all or nothing with using cloth nappies on holiday. Lots of mums take as many cloth nappies as they can both at home and abroad, then when they run out, they will use single use nappies. They can have their place in situations like this. Imagine when reusable nappies become the new normal, facilities for washing them will become common-place too. 

 Have you used cloth nappies on holiday? Do share your stories below, it helps keep those single-use nappies away from landfill.


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