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Using cloth nappies at night

Even when you're really confident using cloth nappies, it can seem like another leap when you think about using them at night.

The truth is, you've spent goodness knows how long having your sleep interrupted by your little treasure and you most certainly do not want to throw something different into the mix that could disturb the little sleep that you now get so, what's best to use at night?

I know I repeat myself a lot but "all babies are different" (sorry but they ARE!) some may go all night long wearing a pocket nappy and others will out-pee it even before you've taken yourself off to the land of nod.

The truth is, most babies will need boosting for night time, if you get away with 1 or 2 microfibre inserts every 3-4 hours during the daytime then try a combination of microfibre and bamboo or charcoal and bamboo - putting the bamboo furthest away from skin as this is slower to absorb. Try not to overstuff your nappies as this may create gaping which will most definitely result in leaking.

Some people simply aren't able to use pockets at night time, they need the all-over absorbency that a 2 part nappy system provides so you will need separate wraps for these nappies (yes, your empty pocket nappy will do the trick!)

For those with super-soakers (like both of my own children!) wool wraps/shorts may be the answer, those that use them will tell you they have almost magical powers when it comes to keeping leaks at bay and ensuring an *undisturbed nights sleep.


*(they do exist, I promise).

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