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Together For Nature - World Environment Day 2020

Nature. Ever since I was young I had an obsession with nature, and like many young children, I was at my happiest when making mud pies or making daisy chains.


Whether we’re adults or children, nature gives us so much. Being in nature benefits our health and happiness, it soothes our stresses and can improve our mood. Basically, nature makes us feel alive and connected. A recent study by The Wildlife Trust showed that children exposed to the natural world showed an increase in self-esteem. In fact, it taught them to be creative, take risks and learn to discover and play.

Yet, our children are having less contact with nature than ever before. When there are screens, gaming and Netflix to entertain us, nature doesn’t always seem so appealing.

That’s why this World Environment Day we’re joining the celebrations and encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. This year’s theme is biodiversity, which encompasses all variety of life on earth from plants and animals to bacteria and fungi. Our world is so beautifully diverse, and It’s our role to protect it. 

According to WWF “Three-quarters of the land-based environment and roughly 66% of the ocean environment have been significantly altered. More than a third of the world's land surface and nearly 75% of freshwater resources are now devoted to crop or livestock production. Climate change worsens the impact of other stressors on nature and our wellbeing. Humans have overfished the oceans, cleared forests, polluted our water sources, and created a climate crisis. These actions are impacting biodiversity around the world, from the most remote locales to our own backyards.” 

That’s why it’s never been more important to stand up for nature, to preserve earth’s species and help stop the acceleration of the climate crisis.

Find out more about World Environment Day 2020, and what you can do to help protect our planet here.

Looking to learn more? Join Earth School and take part in the 30 lessons on the environment hosted by TED-Ed and curated by some of the best nature teachers in the world.

… OR make sure you check out Sir David Attenborough and Professor Brian Cox, amongst others, teaching online lessons for families whilst schools are closed.

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