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Tips For Staying Positive In The Negative News Cycle

It would be putting it mildly if we said the last few months have been tough! From the global pandemic to the worsening climate crisis, our news feeds are bursting with negative stories.


There’s no denying this can be hard on your mental health and with news apps, social media posts and tv briefings, it can be hard to switch off from all this noise. It’s important to remember that along with all the heartache, 2020 has seen some amazing moments too. So here are our tips on staying positive amongst all the negative news… 

Subscribe to positive news

There are some brilliant news platforms out there focusing on only positive news, which means you get daily updates of joy pinged straight into your inbox. Every day there are amazing things happening all over the world, and whilst the national media might not give these airtime, these brilliant platforms do. So grab a brew and sit back with some of our favourites: The Happy Newspaper, Positive News, Good News Network, Optimist Daily.

Talk about your feelings

Hey, the world is a strange place at the moment, and we’ve all been feeling things we might never have before. It’s important to remember to acknowledge these feelings and talk about them with your friends and family. Whether you’ve seen an article that worries you or you just want to ramble about the latest post on your news app, take time to do this. Our community is incredibly supportive so remember to reach out if you need to chat!

Laugh, and then laugh again

People often say that laughter is the best medicine, and while the news may be making you feel like there’s not much to smile about, it’s important to remember there is. Laughter is so beneficial to your mental health. Search for things and people which bring you laughter, whether on a Zoom call, a viral video, or a catch up with your friend. Laughter triggers a healthy physical response in the body and helps to really boost your mood. 

Switch off

We know sometimes this is easier said than done in the digital age, but finding time to really switch off is so important. Switch off your phone, your TV and anything else that can distract you and take some time for yourself. Whether you run yourself a bubble bath or just sit in peace with your thoughts, taking time out can really help our mood. It’s no secret we’re huge nature lovers, so we recommend taking a bit of time out in nature for a loop around the block or a walk around your local park to truly reset. 

Tailor your social media

With pings and buzzes, our phones are a constant distraction. Whilst we know switching off can be tricky, it might be easier to tailor your social media feed to remove negative news. Follow positive people and positive platforms to fill your feed with joy instead of scaremongering. Avoid getting into online debates, delete the haters and ignore any negative comments - getting involved in these just drains your energy. 

We’d love to hear your tips for staying positive with all the negative news, and remember, reach out to us if you need!

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

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