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30 Eco-Friendly Hacks For Our Amazing Wet Bags

A Facebook hang-out mum introduced herself to the group this week by confessing to having 27 wet bags. Which we totally get. Really, does anyone JUST use them for storing dirty nappies?


Let’s face it, they aren’t just humble wet bags. They’re the Ultimate Parenting Bag. So, to celebrate their general amazingness, here are 30 alternative uses for your nappy storage bag

1. Sippy cups. So much better than a plastic bag for stopping those non-leak cups from leaking everywhere.

2. Wrap or sling storage. No more straps dragging on the floor or getting tangled in the coats. No more taking the sling out the boot of the car and realising it’s filthy and wet from the pushchair wheels. Even a bulky Mei-Tai, with its ties that go on forever, fits with room to spare.

3. Storing your wet umbrella in your handbag. This one is from Eve’s Mum - you’re a genius.

4. A bag within a bag. No more rummaging every time you need to find snacks/hand gel/tissues/hairbrush/everything else you never imagined hauling around before you had children.

5. Hospital bag. One Mum co-ordinated them so her husband could tell what was in which one. This is a parenting win.

6. A (sealable) bin for the car.

7. Potty training. If you’re not there yet, you’ll thank us for this heads up.

8. Toy storage. Play food, dolls clothes, little model animals/dinosaurs/dolls - all in one place.

9. Camping.

10. Packed lunches. Ideal for school as well as babies.

11. Storing anything that spreads everywhere. Clean reusable wipes, reusable kitchen roll and bottle tops for recycling all have a bag under our kitchen sink.

12. Keeping used kitchen cloths, bibs, burp cloths and wipes until you wash them.

13. Peg bag. You’ve got to love that hook.

14. An ice pack. Pop in some ice and it’s perfect for all those bumps and bruises.

15. Toiletry bag.

16. Reusable menstrual products.

17. Paint/playdough/arts and crafts storage. For all those bits that can leak and get EVERYWHERE.

18. Makeup bag. Kind of like a grown-up version of play dough with its ability to get everywhere.

19. Travel laundry bag.

20. Dirty shoes/wellies. Perfect when you need to get back in the car after a stomp.

21. Laptop/tablet/camera. If you’re putting these loose in your bag then the wet bag protects from spills, scratches and the crumbs/bits that mysteriously appeared when you had children.

22. Swimming bag.

23. Beach bag. Perfect for phones, books, suncream and more.

24. An alternative to a change bag. If you already carry a big bag, and don’t want to carry a change bag as well, then this is another bag-within-a-bag option.

25. Bath toys.

26. Passports and travel documents. Dry, safe and easy to find as your toddler has a tantrum just as you go through customs.

27. Crafting storage. Ideal if you take your knitting or sewing out and about.

28. Pet food. Stops it drying out and smelling.

29. A really useful gift. Whether she’s using cloth or single-use, what new mum isn’t going to appreciate the Ultimate Parenting Bag - even if she doesn’t know it yet?...

30. ...or an alternative to wrapping paper for the cloth nappy you’ve just bought for the baby shower.

Go on, tell us what we’ve missed!

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Great ideas. Do you bother to empty the nappies before shoving in the machine? Or is it fine to just unzip the bag and lob it in? (I always remove inserts as I go).


Oh no 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Now I need to buy more wet bags 😂

Hannah Gorman

I keep my sons inhaker and large spacer in a wet bag – clean and always easy to find.

Clare Cook

This is Awesome! How did I never think to use them in any of these ways?! I literally use mine for dirty nappies and a second one goes to nursery for wet/dirty clothes as they kept sending them home in single use plastic nappy sacks. I think I may need more wet bags!


Great list! How about reusable breast pads? I’m looking to switch to them and I figure a wetbag would be good for storing used ones at home and a spare pair out and about.

Also would you consider selling a double zip version of the small bag. I want to use one for toiletries traveling but inevitably need a separate bag for my flannel as it’s usually wet from use before I travel?


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