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The Ultimate Beach Bag and Just About Everything Bag

I've always bleated on about how versatile our wet bags are but it wasn't until we just went on holiday, that I realised how essential these bags are. So here are some of the reasons why, in my opinion, every household needs a wet bag.

Wet bags are traditionally for used cloth nappies when mums are out and about or even for storing them at home before wash day. They are ideal for this because they have a waterproof lining inside, making them completely waterproof. You can actually pour water into them and they hold the water like an udder, once they are zipped up.

                   Not just for cloth nappies

I took about 4 or 5 of these away on holiday and used them as toiletry bags in the suitcase. First time I was grateful for it was when we arrived the other end. Shampoo and suntan lotion has leaked and it was all nicely kept inside of the bags with no leakage on our clothes, which is something that usually always happens.

Baba+Boo Hedgehog Wet Dry Bag Close UpThe best use I found for the bag, was taking it to the beach/pool every day. Our wet and dry bags have two compartments and I kept the suntan lotion in one, to try and keep it sand free and phones/camera in the other section, perfect for keeping them away from sand and water. It keeps them quite secure too, as they are zipped away in a fun looking back rather than on show.

On the days out we had, it was perfect for storing wet costumes and clothes too. It is essential part of our swimming kit too when we head out to swimming lessons, keeping clothes dry or keeping wet costumes in.

Not just for mums

And one of the my favourite uses is to keep it in my handbag to keep my wet umbrella it gets used a lot in this way, being from Manchester! Not only for handbags, my husband, who cycles to work every day, uses one to keep his clothes dry when he is cycling on rainy days. Have to admit though, he doesn't use the funky patterned ones, he sticks to plain red or blue!

The uses for these bags are endless. During the lovely week of weather we had at the beginning of June, we went on lots of picnics and I used it to store drinks in before putting it in our rucksack. I'm the one who usually ends up with a wet bag because  a drink has leaked, so it is ideal to avoid that!

I've never really done a product review on the blog, let alone on one of our own products but I just had to share how essential I think these bags are. I think we actually need to change the name of them. 'Wet bag' doesn't seem to do them justice. If you have any ideas, share below and you may just find one winging it's way to you.

We've discounted these essential bags by 20% this week (17th-24th June)- so grab a bargain, you'll be grateful for it, I promise!

Eve x

ps - if any of you are fans of these bags and have some original uses for them, please do share!

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