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The Story Behind The Senses Collection

We’re so excited to introduce our new collection, which was inspired by my utter love of the seaside. These new prints draw upon the feelings and senses that a day at the beach evokes within us. Throughout my entire life, I’ve loved being by the sea. In fact, the seaside was a huge inspiration behind me setting up Baba+Boo. It's a time when you can truly switch-off, unwind and re-connect to nature. 


My favourite time of year is when I get to step away from the business for a week or two and head to the Cornish coast with my family. When I set up Baba+Boo I set myself the goals of being able to do the school run and being able to spend my summers in Cornwall. I love being by the sea. It makes me feel so inspired and in awe of the planet, reminding me how important nature is in our lives. Being by the seaside truly makes me feel like I can achieve anything.

The collection is also a chance for us to raise awareness around the issue of plastic pollution and the need to protect our coastlines and oceans for future generations. Over the year’s we’ve seen the effects us humans are having on nature, whether it’s plastic choking our oceans or littering our coastlines, and we feel it’s our responsibility to use our voice for good. This means doing everything in our power to safeguard our planet for future generations.

Putting this collection out now feels perfect. As much as we would all love to be by the ocean right now, many of us are having to rely on our senses to fulfil our cravings for the sea. Whether its the sound of the waves, the feeling of sand on your toes, or the taste of a Mr Whippy, we’re yearning to be back by the sea.

We have also used this collection as an opportunity to give back and to use our voice for good. We’ve teamed up with the amazing City To Sea, and we will be donating 10% of profits from our ‘Waves’ nappy to support their work in safeguarding our oceans and rivers.

Why? We want to protect our oceans so the future generations can benefit from the same seaside senses that we do.

So, we hope you love this collection as much as we do. We hope it evokes the beauty and joy of the seaside within you, and we hope it brings some much-needed sunshine into your day!

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