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The story behind The Ten Collection

This collection is a personal one. It's a celebration of Baba+Boo being ten years old. A celebration of how far I have come personally and a celebration of you, our community.

Growing up, I was always known as shy.  I would never stray far from my mum and I wouldn’t go anywhere without at least 3 books in my bag.  I haven’t changed that much really, I still carry a book (or 3) but I am no longer shy.                                                                                                                 

I had to come out of my shell when I became a mum.  You can read more of that here.  My children inspired me to try and be my best self.  They are the reason that Baba+Boo exists.  They are Baba and Boo.

I didn’t want them to see a mum too scared to talk to anyone.  A mum that doesn’t leave her comfort zone.  So I had to leave it and do something really scary, like starting a business!

Business owners are generally portrayed in the media as extroverts, the opposite of me.  So to say I was daunted would be putting it mildly, really mildly.

Putting my fears aside and teed up with my new passion for reusables, I stepped into the unknown.  For my children and also for me.  I wanted to try and make the world a little less full of waste.

And yes, it’s been scary, but a good kind of scary.  I love that feeling now.

I had no idea I’d feel like I was climbing a mountain.  Scrap that, mountain ranges.  I’ve had so many ups and downs along the way.  A journey where I have had some wonderful guides who have taught me so much and pulled me along when I have run out of steam and wanted to give up.

Every day, I get emails of support.  They mean so much.  The Baba+Boo community is so special.  Together we are climbing mountains and helping others to join our expedition.

Putting this collection out, such a personal collection close to my heart, was hard.  Really hard. I never want to be the centre of attention, but I wanted this collection celebrating ten years of Baba+Boo to be a tribute to you all. Along with my Baba and my Boo, you inspire me every day.


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