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The Story Behind Our Outdoor Play Print

To celebrate our 10th Birthday, you might remember we reached out to our community to give you guys the opportunity to design a nappy. We had so many amazing designs and we truly loved looking through each one and reading the inspiration behind them. However, there could only be one design which was chosen and turned into a real-life Baba+Boo nappy.


That design was Outdoor Play, created by the brilliant Ellie. Ellie says "It was totally amazing and completely unexpected for my design to be picked as the winner and now the nappies are here, surreal and exciting in equal measure to see a representation of my childhood on my children’s bums!"

This design was created to celebrate the simple pleasures of childhood imagination and the feeling of playing out in nature. This is something that over the last few months we’ve all truly learnt to appreciate, and releasing this print now feels very apt. 

Ellie created this design as a nod to her own childhood, and that of her sons. As a child, Ellie loved nothing more than being outdoors and feeling free, and she was never happier than when she was playing in a field with her own imagination to keep her company. Ellie also drew inspiration from her son’s love of the playground and the hours of fun that he has playing outside with his football. The hopscotch? That’s a memory of the one drawn on Ellie’s primary school playground, and the trees are there to celebrate the joys of nature. Oh, and the dog makes an appearance too… because why not! 

We’re so excited to introduce our Outdoor Play print, and we hope we love it as much as we do! 

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in their designs, we loved looking through all of these and we would have loved nothing more than to create them all. We hope this print evokes the wonders of childhood play and the joys of being outdoors, we’d love to hear what memories this nappy stirs in you...

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