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Why I love the school run

Or as it is often called the dreaded school run...

It is actually my favourite part of my day, and not because I am happy to pack Seth off for the day and Louisa for a couple of hours at nursery. Unlike bedtime, when I am always glad it's the end of question time. My friend's daughter told me today that 4 year olds ask 400 questions a day. I can totally believe that and if I wasn't too busy answering questions, I would do a tally.

The hour before the school run starts with making breakfast and then spending the next hour trying to get them to eat breakfast. I tell Louisa she will starving at school and she tells me 'I like starving'. I can say nothing to that so I get on with making packed lunches.

Next up, getting dressed, which is usually just about finishes me off for the day at 8.15am. This consists of running to all corners of the house and them giggling like it is a cat and mouse chase...and me shouting (screaming) at them to get dressed.

Amongst all this, there a fair few questions to answer from the guys, get myself ready, make some effort to tidy up, running round making sure books are in bags and the dealing with the usual horror of opening up the school bag and seeing a note to see that something is needed to be taken in that day.

Clean teeth, brush hair and putting coats on, lock door and then all that chaos just slips away.

Watching the children skip and run down the road to school simply fills my heart with joy every day and ignoring the first part of the day, has to be the best footing to start my day. They run chasing each other, thank the lollipop man, run and hide to make me jump in the same place every day and then hold my hand all the way to school. I have said before, feeling their little hands in mine, is my absolute favourite thing in the world.

I am not wanting to gloat about how lucky I am to take my children to school every day, as I know some mums cannot do it, but juggling  being a mum and the pressures of running Baba+Boo is so very hard sometimes. One of the many reasons why I started Baba+Boo is because I really wanted to take the children to school and pick them up. I don't mind admitting, there have been days and weeks in the past and even now where I think I can't do it anymore...but those 10 minutes every morning, make me realise I can and it is worth all the hard work.

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