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The Only 4 Things A Newborn Needs

So you’ve found out you’re having a baby, the most exciting, yet overwhelming feeling in the world, especially if this is your first. The list you think you need will be pages long. It doesn't need to be. Your baby needs are actually very few.

You are probably ready to hit the shops and start spending on all those trillions of things that you and your new baby are going to need.  What to buy, where to buy, where on earth do you even start?

I recall trying to decide on a pram. I decided that I wanted was a “3 in 1 travel system”. Job done. Or so I thought. I took to my favourite online store and tapped into the search bar the item I was after….891 results were returned.


I very soon got bored and frustrated and after 3 hours of researching, passed the job over to Daddy who actually made a very good choice in about 30 minutes flat.

Ok, so that’s why you’re pregnant for 9 months because it takes that long to decide, research and shop for all these wonderful, items that will adorn your shiny new nursery.

Wait a minute, let’s take a step back here.

Does this tiny little person who has grown inside you for 9 months with nothing but you, really need all these hundreds and thousands of quite frankly, pointless gimmicks?  Things that will help them sleep, help them feed, help you rest, breastfeeding etc, the list is quite simply endless.

I don’t really think so.  When I had my first baby I remember my friend's mum coming to see me and imparted some very wise words that I’ve never forgotten as she lovingly cradled my brand new baby girl:

“Ah, babies don’t need much you know, somewhere to sleep, food in their belly, clothes to keep them warm and lots and lots of cuddles”

How very true.

What your baby needs is you, your love, your nurturing. Not loads of stuff you probably won't need and will just clutter up your house causing you stress.

Get what you need and save your money, the space in your house and your sanity by keeping it simple, that way you can focus on what’s really important – the bond between parent and child.

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