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The love of reading

My love of books began at a very early age and it continues to this day…though I say that and I hardly get chance to read these days. I’m usually glued to my laptop and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve promised myself some time to read…

My mum often recalls the days when I was small and I wasn’t interested in toys, only books and if we left the house, I had to have a minimum of 4 books with me in my bag. I always needed to have my nose in a book. I’m still the same now, I am still a sponge and I like to be reading anything when I have a spare minute. I am a bit like Johnny Number 5 in Short Circuit – “Input. Need input. “

Seth is now 4 and just started to read his very first words. Since he started reception in September, I’ve actually been emotional and slightly envious of him setting on his journey of learning. I loved every minute of school and watching my son embark on his school life is exciting and slightly daunting. I really want and need him to love school and love learning, as most parents do, but above all of that, I would love him to develop a love of reading. Up until now, I’ve worried about the children eating the right things, doing the right activities with them but now I feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility as a parent to help him on his journey of learning to read and write.

We’ve read books to the children from a very early age and I can’t ever imagine a time when we don’t read before bedtime. We’ve had all the Julia Donaldson ones which Seth now seems to have grown out of, but Louisa loves. A dinosaur encyclopaedia is Seth’s favourite at the moment…which I find a bit tough going after a hard day, mainly because he knows the names of them all so there is no slacking! I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that by the time it gets to bedtime, I’m tired and ready to clock off being mum and I don’t always put loads of effort into the books, so we do a lot of reading after tea now because the children are going to get as much out of books as I put into them.

My absolute favourite book of my childhood was The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. I still have a copy on my bookshelf.  It opened up my imagination in a way I never knew possible. I think I have read every book of hers. The Famous Five were a collection of books I was obsessed with. I can’t go to a beach with coves without imagining they are secret smugglers caves. I wanted to become a writer because of her. I’ve not gone down that path but there is still time…

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