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The internet and social media - a necessity or a necessary evil?

Our nappy guru Sue has been musing about the digital age and if it helps parenting or is a hindrance. This is an interesting read. We'd love to know your thoughts, please comment at the bottom.

The Internet and Parenting

So, the children are in bed, pots are washed, carpets hoovered and floors mopped, now for some ‘me’ time.  Me time these days generally entails picking up some kind of device and checking out what’s going on the world and in the world of my “friends” - yes, those 386 people I call my friends thanks to the wondrous world of Facebook.

As I’m currently in the last year of my thirties, I clearly remember a world free of devices, a world where if you wanted to know something you had to ask somebody in the know or go to a library to find out.  Now I revel in the digital age, the answers to all of my questions at my finger tips, I don’t wonder about anything for very long – Google has got it all covered.

I forgot my phone once a couple of years ago when I went out for the morning, oh the panic!  Actually, it was bliss, nobody could contact me, I was out pushing my baby in her pram around the countryside. It was wonderful to take it all in, really spend some quality time with her and the world around me. It was so good and so wonderful, I “forget” to take my phone out on quite a regular basis now – a “device free” few hours a week.

It’s a battle I have regularly.  I want to have some quality time and not have my face in a phone or a tablet but I feel the pull of needing to know what’s going on, needing immediate answers to the questions floating around in my brain.


My fixation started when my first daughter was born. She was a sickly baby, we used to change her clothes around 6 times a day, we’d go through 10 muslin cloths, countless bibs and have to change her bedding daily. I’d feed her in the night with her by my side and reach for my iPhone to see if I was able to get Google to give me a diagnosis.  I’d do my research, put my daughter back into her moses basket, pick up the phone again and surf surf surf.  Looking at the clock I’d be amazed at how much time had passed by and worry that I only had another hour before her next feed. The internet stole my sleep.  Having a newborn is tiring, having a newborn and a smartphone constantly by your bedside is zombie-inducing!

I think my opinion on all of this can get a bit mixed up, some days I’m a lover, other days I’m a hater, I think it can make life easier in some situations and more complicated in others, but it definitely sucks unnecessary time out of my day. I thought I’d ask two friends their opinion on this and here is what they had to say:

Danni and Liane are both work at home mums with two young children, they both have busy lives which are centered around their children’s needs and activities i.e. mum comes last!

Love Social Media

Here is what Danni had to say about the subject:

Ah, Social Media – my dear friend, I’m somewhat ashamed to admit. My love affair with social media began long before I had my two dear monkeys - back in the college/uni days when Myspace and MSN messenger were the places to be. In fact, before then I was on ICQ – who remembers that one?? Anyway, now I’m all “grown up” and the interweb has vastly ingrained its way into every orifice of our lives, I see social media in a totally different light. I know there are many many drawbacks to social media in terms of how it sucks away precious time and focus from the more important, organic features of our lives which are so often taken for granted. But, for me if you were to put in front of me a button that when pressed erases the existence of social media, I would not press it.

I look back on those early newborn days – housebound, struggling to breastfeed, feeling alone wit

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