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The important things your baby needs

So you’re expecting a baby?  Congratulations! Welcome to the biggest and best adventure of your life!  And also, one of the most expensive – sorry!

When you start reading baby books & browsing parenting websites, it can seem like your tiny little person might need their own house to hold all the ‘essentials’ they ‘must’ have – but don’t panic, a baby’s needs are actually pretty basic – as are the essentials you should have before they come along.

The things you really, really need are:

  • Somewhere for your baby to sleep.  The most important thing to spend money on is a great mattress and a selection of lovely snugly blankets.
  • A pram, and car seat if you plan to use one.
  • At least a dozen tiny sleep suits.  You’ll probably be showered with outfits from friends and relatives, but honestly, most babies tend to live in sleep suits and baby grows, at least for the first couple of months, simply because they are easy to get on & off.
  • Cloth nappies, reusuable wipes & a changing mat. (A nice big foam one does the job just as well as a fancy-pants changing station, trust me.)
  • Muslin squares.  Lots of them.  They can act as everything from a burp cloth to a makeshift nappy, to a toy to play peek-a-boo with.
  • A play mat – something nice and cushioned that your baby will be comfortable on when your arms need a rest.

Other than those, the most important thing a baby needs, is you.  You’ll need lots of patience, loads of love, and a vat of coffee might be useful too!

Ultimately, don’t get caught up in the craziness that is ‘baby business’ – there will be plenty of things to spend those pennies on as your bambino gets older!

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