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The dilemma of using cloth nappies on holiday

It is a dilemma for mums who use cloth nappies. Space is always at a premium and they do take up more space and not only that, what about having to wash on holiday? This is a break from all the daily tasks from home. If you are in a dilemma, Sue our resident cloth nappy guru tells us how it can be done.

Well it finally came around, our holiday (actually, our honeymoon!) and our first time abroad as a family, boy was this going to be a whole new holidaying experience?!

Charlotte is almost 20 months old and since the day I discovered I was pregnant, I have worried about her, I have the strangest thoughts about things that might go wrong and going on our first holiday abroad to a villa in Portugal with it's own private pool made my mind whirl wildly with worry about several things; will we lose her in the airport? Will she sleep in a strange house and strange bed? Will we be able to go out for a meal? Will she eat the food?

Will I be on the ball with the suncream and keep her delicate skin protected? Will she jump in the pool on that split second we're not looking? And then hmmm, will I be able to carry on using my cloth nappies???

Well I am pleased to announce that we are all back, safe and sound, nobody got lost, she went to bed late and GOT UP LATE - yes 9am!, we went out for meals, she ate the food, nobody got sunburned, she was safe in and around the pool and yes, we used cloth nappies almost exclusively for the whole 2 weeks.  We all had the time of our lives.

On top of the list when searching for our holiday villa was that it must have a washing machine, this did not narrow the search down much I have to say as we were already fixed on going self catering and 90% of the villa's and apartments had washing machines so no problem there.

I was concerned that as Lottie didn't have her own baggage allowance, that we might be compromising on space in our luggage but her Trunki fit in all of her clothes and shoes and our hand luggage fit the nappies in with loads of room to spare for books and toys oh, yeah and our tickets and passports. I took 8 nappies, 12 reusable wipes and 2 wet bags, oh, and soapnuts for washing.  I also took 6 disposable nappies to use on the journey there and "just in case" (but don't tell anybody!).

I also took two of my older Baba+Boo nappies to use as swim nappies - without the inserts, worked a treat.

The washer was put on every other morning with the nappies so they washed whilst we had our breakfast and dried in about 2 hours in that gorgeous sunshine.  Talking of gorgeous sunshine, it does fabulous things with stains, shame we don't get much of it here in the UK.

We went on days to the beach, shopping trips, zoo excursions, picinics - you name it and every day, we used nothing but cloth I am very pleased to say.  My Baba+Boo nappy storage bag became our everything bag and fit in a couple of nappies, the wipes, the wetbag, our suncream, glasses, drinks etc.  So being out and about with them really wasn't an issue, well, we do it back home without even thinking about it - I go stir crazy if I have to stay at home all day and on my days off work I'm normally out doing something or other from just after breakfast time until tea time.

My only concern was that my husband (that sounds strange to me but I guess I'll get used to that!) said that the nappies smelt a little of wee, when normally they definitely do not (I have no sense of smell at all so have to rely on others to tell me) and also, I didn't see many bubbles in the washing machine when it was going through it's cycle.  The owner of the property did explain to us that the water was very hard and that we had to use special tablets in the dishwasher, but strangely, no instructions for special things to use in the washing machine?  So that may be the only disadvantage.  My first job when I came home though was to do a strip wash which Eve has been talking about recently so I was glad of those pearls of wisdom and fingers crossed, they will be back to their pristene condition tomorrow.

So, would I take cloth on holiday again?  You bet ya, I'm such a cloth nappy snob that even when I did use those disposables on the way to Portugal, I took the inserts out of my ladybird nappy and used it to cover the sposie up so nobody would see!  I would definitely recommend it if you are going on holiday and have a washing machine that you are able to use.  Doing the washing on holiday doesn't bother me, I mean, it's not me doing the washing is it? I only press the button & the machine does all the hard work!

Have you used cloth on holiday? How was your experience and what tips can you pass on?

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