Ten top tips for thoughtful gifts

Ten top tips for thoughtful gifts

At this time of year we are bombarded with Christmas 'must haves' and gift guides filled with stuff that may only be used once. Here is our alternative list that offers gifts of time and memories for you, your little ones and your family and friends.

1. Handmade with love

Something made by or with your little ones always warms the heart of the ones who love them. If they are old enough you can have them help, or a framed print of their hands or feet is always a winner. 

2. Passes or season tickets

You could ask for a season pass for one of your favourite places to go locally, or a National Trust pass. If a pass is too much, ask for a family day out somewhere fun in January. It's always the longest month.

3. A book of memories

Babies and toddlers love photos of themselves and their family. Make them an album called A Day In The Life and that become their favourite bedtime book. It's a gift for you in the future too.

4. Sponsor an animal

Older children will love that they have adopted one of their favourite animals. The WWF or local animal sanctuaries offer adoption packs.

5. Book subscriptions

Book lovers will love to receive a new book every month. Check your local bookshop to see if this is something they can do. It's a win-win when you are supporting a local bookshop.

6. Planet-loving gifts

A tree, a second-hand gift, or a reusable item can help our planet as well as being a lovely, thoughtful gift. Check out our Christmas Shop with all things reusable. 

7. A well-being hamper

A handmade gift basket containing a book, bath salts and a face mask can be tailored to the recipient. Or you could make a food hamper of all their favourite goodies. 

8. Vouchers

Handmade vouchers that offer babysitting while your friend can have a much needed meal out, or a couple of hours to herself might just be the best gift she gets all Christmas.

9. Some of their own toys

Babies and toddlers have so many toys. Take some of their toys out of their toy box now and then wrap them up for them to open. They will seem new to them and they get to love them all over again. 

10. A day to yourself

You can't pour from an empty cup so ask for a day to yourself where you can fill up your cup. Go and do something you love - a spa treatment, a solo cinema trip or a day laughing with friends.

Do you have any other things you can add to the list? Please do share below.

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