Tell me about boosters

Tell me about boosters

Boosters are the absorbent part of the reusable nappy and are also known as inserts. They're washable, oblong pads that fit into the pocket in the reusable nappy and soak up the wee. 

How many do I need? 

Use one or two reusable boosters. Tiny babies usually only need one, and as the baby grows, and the wees get bigger, you'll need two boosters.

What if my baby is a heavy-wetter?

A bit like period pads, reusable boosters come in different levels of absorbency. The material they're made out of makes them more or less absorbent.

Bamboo is the go-to and each of our reusable nappies comes with two of these. Charcoal and hemp are the most thirsty and great for heavy-wetters and nights. We also make a Slim Bamboo Booster for when you need more than one, but two 'full thickness' are too many.

You can tailor the level of absorbency by mixing and matching between bamboo, charcoal and hemp - there's a handy table at the bottom of this page for easy comparison.

As all babies are different there's no combination that will suit everyone, so you will need to test it out until you find the perfect pairing. Our Mixed Booster Bundle is a great, and cost-effective, way of testing out what works for you.

How do I wash reusable boosters?

To wash, remove the boosters from the reusable nappy and put in the washing machine with the nappy at 40 to 60 degrees. Then line dry, or occasionally tumble dry on a low heat. Boosters take longer to dry than the nappy part, so for winter months some people like to buy a few more boosters.

Which reusable booster do I need?

 Shop reusable boosters here.

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