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Why charcoal inserts are seriously good

Why charcoal inserts are seriously good

This week's guest blog comes from Susan who has been trying our charcoal inserts. She insists she has 'nothing but good things to say about charco...

Liners, why use them?

Todays guest post is from Daisy - the cloth bum mum who shares her thoughts on using nappy liners.   One of the main things that I get asked when ...

Fives reasons why they may NOT be ready for potty training

Helen Neale is a mum of two slightly barmy, but loveable kids, and owns the children's charts business, KiddyCharts. In the dim and distant past, s...

Reading aloud is allowed

This year I am proud to say that I will tip the thousand mark on the number of children that I have helped to learn how to read. As a primary schoo...

The joys of swimming with your baby

Today we've got a guest blog from Tamsin Brewis. Tamsin is a Water Babies baby swimming teacher. She's writing for us today, to answer one of the most commonly asked questions about baby swimming - "How can I help my baby love the water?"

Post Natal Exercise Tips

We asked Thelma from After 9 Fitness, an expert on post natal exercise if she could share her tips on getting fit after baby arrives. Here are her thoughts on post natal fitness.

Baby milestones and why it pays to take a relaxed approach

Baby milestones and why it pays to take a relaxed approach

When my daughter was born she didn’t do much - newborn babies don’t really. So while my little bundle slept, I Googled. I looked up ages when I could start expecting to see some action. And I found a million and one websites willing to share this information.

Cloth Bum Mum: Reusable wipes, a step too far?

Do you know that face you pull when you see the weather report for your holidays you’ve been eagerly anticipating…. And it’s rain for a week? Yeah? Well that was the face I pulled when Eve asked me to give reusable wipes a try.

Cloth Bum Mum: Why I'm a fluffy mummy

On the launch of our new blog Fluffy Mummy Jennifer, from My Mummy's Pennies tells us about her addiction! It was when I was pregnant with my eldes...

Cloth Bum Mum: Kerry, a new cloth nappy convert

Kerry is a mummy blogger who contacted me a while ago as she was really keen to try real nappies. She tried some Baba+Boo cloth nappies and now she is a total convert - yay! Kerry has kindly written a post for us about her journey to becoming a cloth nappy addict..