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Baby vests and sunsets

I remember the day when my son went up from a newborn size vest to 0-3m like it was yesterday. I didn't know that was the very beginning of experiencing the emotions of change and growth of my little ones. But also of me.

Those transitions come thick and fast in the baby years and I cried each time my children grew out of a favourite t-shirt and vest. Yet as those 3 monthly increments came and went, moving onto six monthly increments as the toddler years came.

As they outgrew clothes, they grew out of stages that were challenging like sleepless nights and in came weaning. Along came 2-3 year jumpers and with them, they land you with potty training and the end of cloth nappies (wah!). But also their first sentences like 'Luff you, Mama' and 'No! Me do it.' 

As we transitioned through clothing sizes, I found my confidence as a parent grew, so I began to welcome the new challenges of what we would learn together as parent and children. I learnt negotiation skills that a salesperson would be envious of, from my daughter. I'm not sure her 'no' stage ever left. But  she articulates 'no' much better now at 11 and her determination inspires me so much. So hang in there if that resonates with you!

The first day at school is one of the most emotional days. You'd think that because the transitions are further apart in theory, the school year is faster than a calendar year. Children fly through school years as quick as they do a baby vest. Yet they leave behind the best of memories. That's one of the main reasons why I started a business - I didn't want to miss a school run and wanted to soak up every memory.

I was bereft when my son left primary school. It was the biggest change I have felt as a parent. It felt like the end of his childhood. I'm glad to say I was wrong. You can read more about that here.

I have friends who have children leaving school forever this week and I have a huge lump in my throat thinking of my children being that grown. Just as you will have when your little one changes from a newborn nappy to a one size. Or when your cloth nappy journey is over. 

But if I have learnt one thing. As the sun sets on one period of your parenthood journey, a new dawn beckons. 

And it is always more beautiful than the last.

P.S. Thank you to Jessica for this beautiful photo that she captured at the end of her cloth nappy journey.


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Today my fourth, and final baby turned a week old… already the time measuring her age in days has been and gone. Enjoy every single moment, even those at 3am! They go so fast x

Caroline Tilling

Thank you Eve for putting into words how my heart is feeling. Xxxx

Helen Legerton

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