Storing your nappies for future children

Storing your nappies for future children

We are often asked from members of our community about the best way to store reusable nappies for future use so here are some simple tips to follow to ensure longevity.

Toilet training is that bittersweet milestone for the reusable nappy parent, many a tear has been shed over the ‘last time the nappies get pegged out to dry’. But it might not be the last time ever, just the last time relevant to this little one. Who knows what the future holds and maybe, just maybe another little bum will be donning those gorgeous prints for a few more years to come.

If there will be more than a few months between those nappies being pegged out for the last time and the next little baba wearing them, then you need to consider how to store them effectively to make sure they are in tip top condition ready for when that time comes.


For the last wash before storing, we would recommend that you do a strip wash, basically, putting the nappies on a long hot (60◦) wash with a full dose of detergent, then rinse several times until you’re certain there are no suds left in the machine.


It’s super important to make sure that the nappies and inserts are thoroughly dry before they’re stored away, if there is a hint of any dampness then mould can form which is not kind to fabric!


Pack the nappies and inserts loosely into something breathable for example a cardboard box, packing cube or your mesh laundry bag.  Then store them safely away in a place where temperature does not fluctuate too much.  Places to avoid are the garage, loft, cellar etc.  You’re best storing in/above a wardrobe or under the bed for example. 

When you’re ready to use them again, simply repeat steps 1 and 2!

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