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Stains on cloth nappies

We get asked a lot about how to avoid stains on cloth nappies. Read on for our tips on how to firstly avoid them and secondly, how to get rid of them.


Cloth Nappy Liners

Using nappy liners inside your cloth nappies can help avoid stains. There are two different types of liners you can use. Reusable liners such as fleece, are washable and provide an additional stay dry layer next to baby's skin. Biodegradable/flushable liners also do the same job and sit on top of the nappy and make dealing with the baby's poop a lot easier. Using liners is not essential but many mums like to use them because they help keep their cloth nappies stain free.

Baba+Boo Cloth Nappies Washing Line


We always advise, as other cloth nappy manufacturers do, to never use bleach or stain removers on your cloth nappies. Bleaching agents can damage the fabric of your nappies and also, bleach next to your baby's delicate skin isn't ideal.

The best way to get rid of stains is the SUN! I know we don't get a lot in this country but even if it is cold, get your nappies on the washing line. Or even leave them in the window. It is the best known bleaching agent in the business. Completely natural and completely free. You will be amazed at how any stains disappear.

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