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Salford Business Awards

Earlier this year, we were invited to enter the Salford Business Awards, in the Energy and Environment category. We were thrilled to hear our name announced as runner-up. Eve shares the joy of that evening.

Whenever I am asked if I have any defining moments in life as an accidental businesswoman, the Salford Business Awards always come to mind. Back in 2012, I had pretty much decided that I couldn't carry on with Baba+Boo. The children were really small and managing it all was just too much. About 10 minutes after deciding, I got a call from the very lovely guy who runs the awards telling me I was a finalist in the Entrepreneur of the Year award. It must have been fate. I came runner up, got a trophy and had one of the best nights. Now here I am sat in our shiny new office 2 years on.

So, when I got the call off said lovely guy asking us to enter again, I jumped at the chance. This time, I was in amongst the big boys though. Huge bluechip companies from Salford enter the Energy and Environment award and there was little Baba+Boo. Blue chip or not, I'm pretty proud of the fact, that while I have been bringing up the children at home, I have stopped about 11 million disposables going to landfill. Our resident Carol Vorderman worked that out for me.

So to the award ceremony. After a fantastic meal, it was time for the awards and we were third on the list. The butterflies in the tummy were going wild. I did honestly think we were in with a shout of getting on that stage and we did, well I did! We came runner-up and I was so happy that Baba+Boo came before the big companies. It was definitely David v Goliath.

The awards night was absolutely fantastic again. We were sat with the fantastic company Ener-G and they made the night really special. If any small business is reading this, or any accidental businesswomen like me, do look out for business awards locally and nationally. They don't have to cost a thing and even if you don't win, you get to meet some fantastic people and can really raise your profile.

I can honestly say, I don't think Baba+Boo would be here without the Salford Business Awards.


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