Reusable Nappy Fortnight 2019: Please, be the Change

In 2018, something incredible happened. Between the airing of Blue Planet 2 and April, interest in reusable nappies increased. A lot.

And then Real Nappy Week happened. It was...well, it was mad. And it stayed that way. Suppliers couldn’t keep up with demand, retailers saw surges like never before and nappy libraries which had previously had the odd hire suddenly had waiting lists of months. Real Nappy Week 2018 was the spark, the catalyst for a big change.

In the last 12 months the number of families using has sky rocketed. But those families are the early adopters, the ones who aren’t afraid to be different.
This year we’re on the verge of something else. Reusable nappies are on the edge of becoming mainstream. We are so very close to washable nappies becoming the new normal.

2019 is when it gets really exciting.

And it’s you who will lead that change. If you are already a parent using reusable nappies then you are in a unique position. Brands and libraries can say our thing. But you - you are the real parents who are doing this. It is you who will show other families that reusing nappies isn’t weird, or eugh, or hard. It is your experiences that will inform, your actions that will persuade, and your words that will convince.

Starting on Monday, we will be going all out to shout as loud as we can about reusable nappies. For the next two weeks we will be in the press, all over social media, and pretty much everywhere we can be.

We’ll be doing three things. We’ll be giving the facts that allow people to make an informed choice. We’ll be dispelling the myths that abound. And we’ll be giving simple, uncomplicated advice to parents who want to find out more.   

But there’s no point in us putting something on our Facebook page for it to be seen by parents who are already convinced.

If reusables become normal in 2019, it will be because of how many of us have shouted from the rooftops.

Real Nappy ‘Week’ is a bit of an odd one this year, with different events running across the next two weeks. But that is a huge opportunity.

Right here, right now we are on the cusp of something. Every movement, every campaign has a crucial moment, a turning point - think of the Iceland orang-utan, or the Blue Planet effect.

But those moments are time sensitive.

In 2017 reusable nappies were niche. 2018 was the year that using reusable nappies grew to become a choice for a significant minority.

2019 is crucial. That growth could drop off and stagnate, with reusable nappies destined to remain a minority choice. Alternatively, if we all work together, then we can achieve something amazing.

So that’s why, on Monday, it’s the start of Reusable Nappy Fortnight. The reality of reusable nappies has to get out there, and it has to get out there now, which is why it’s the perfect time for Reusable Nappy Week to be Reusable Nappy Fortnight. For the next two weeks we are doing everything we possibly can to be the change.

But we can only provide the tools. We’re asking you to use them.

Please, add the Reusable Nappy Week frame to your profile picture. That means that every day for the next two weeks, your friends - young and old, parents or not - see reusable nappies. And familiarity breeds trust.

Please, share our posts. Get the reality and the facts out there.

Please, when it comes to talking to other parents, keep it simple. Because nappies need to be simple.

Please, show off your baby’s cloth bum. During the summer-esque weather, on the beach, on social media, wherever. Show people that reusables are normal.

Please, do something incredible. Be the change during Reusable Nappy Fortnight.


  • Yes!! This has been brilliantly written and I’m so proud to be apart of it all this year. I was a 2018 convert and am so excited for the next couple of weeks. You have a fantastic brand and one that has made the swap so easy and enjoyable for us. Happy real nappy week (fortnight!)

    Emma Reed
  • Oh my days, feel like I just read a speach by Martin Luther King! I also have a dream that my daughter will use reusable on her children and their children on their children!!! 😍👍👌

    Katie Palmer
  • Love love love this!! When you speak to people it’s amazing how many people have considered but shrugged it off and now because I cloth nappy and they can see what they are really about, I know 3 future mummies who want to give it ago, change is here and we are it! Great article I look forward to the next two weeks

    Laura GC

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