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Wasting less and living more

I always think that reusable nappies are life changing. Making the small change of using reusables can lead to some many positive changes for families. Read on...

I saw a hashtag today that summed up the reason why I do what I do. 

#wastelesslivemore is a joint campaign from Keep Britain Tidy and Lidl, which is about food waste awareness. I struck me straight away but not because of the food waste aspect.

Wasting less means you can totally live more. Wasting less starts with consumption. The less you buy or the better you buy, the more money and time you will have to live well. That is what that hashtag says to me.

The purchase of cloth nappies means you have already made one choice to spend less money to waste less. Try applying that to different aspects of your life and your buying habits. Less is definitely more:

  • less clothes means less choice, less laundry and means more time in the morning 
  • less toys means less tidying them up and more time to have a cuppa when your little one is sleeping
  • less stuff means less cleaning, means more time to enjoy family time at weekend

So when I post out a nappy, I am seeing that nappy as the beginning or part of the journey of a family to living simply with less and having so much more of everything everybody is searching for. Time. It's pretty ironic that one of the main reasons people say they don't use cloth nappies is because they don't have time.

A reusable nappy changes so much more than just bums. It can be life-changing. Is that a bit dramatic? Maybe. But very very true.

Would love your views, how have cloth nappies changed your lives for the better? Share below and maybe your comment will convince a mum to make the switch.

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