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Reusable nappies and the ultimate booster trick

For anyone experiencing leaks with their reusable nappies, one mum many moons ago came up with a trick and we named it after her baby. The Axel Fold. A game changer. 


To use the axel fold, have a go at wrapping one insert around another as in the photo below. Placing the wraparound insert either at the back or front depending on where it’s needed most, for a boy, this is normally at the front and for a girl sleeping on her back, you’ll need that at the back of the nappy, the front if she is a tummy sleeper.  


Et voila! A simple trick that is just about getting extra absorbency where it is needed!  

If you would like to read more about Anna, and her little boy Axel, who invented this trick, we chat with her here.

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